After 4 months, I’m finally getting my wee flat feeling homely :) :)


Harley Quinn by Steve Rieck (at Red Handed Tattoo)

This is amazing. 

So ginger, even my tattoos are getting freckles. Fml. #gofflyff

1 day ago on July 23, 2014 at 03:02pm

Pre/post run. 10miles in 27oC heat. My ginger genes can’t handle it.

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God damn. 

Too warm to go outside. So I had a cold shower and binge watching OITNB.

Don’t mind me. Just spending a day sunbathing. #gofflife


Post run shower and bedtime. Big spoon required.

Legs oot.

Had a barry time catching up with the beautiful @janiceburns90 and I love my wee gift :) hail satan \m/ \m/