We made Heisenberg :)



Wolverine’s Skeleton … Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 15 Book Of Weapons and Hardware 1983 , OHOTMU


I love spooning.

That face. ❤️💜💛💙💚 @jeffreestar

Post Cexfest comedown. #soberlife

Got my action man tent for CeXfest. #420hufflepuffit


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hey here’s some cool art stuff

you can find the artist here: [x]


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I don’t talk about my health much, but I’m finally feeling good and on the mend (or as close as I can be). Autoimmune thyroiditis (when your immune system targets healthy tissue, in my case my thyroid glands and ovaries) and it caused me to develop Hypothyroidism. This brought on a bunch symptoms including extreme fatigue, depression, infertility, panic attacks, hair loss and weight gain. It went undiagnosed for years (and quite rare in somebody as young as I am). But after constant persistence, finding a doctor that listened to me and support from amazing family and friends, I got the right treatment. A year later, I’ve started to lose weight, my hair is growing back and I’m really enjoying life again :)


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