Blazing sun. Turn up at work dressed in black. #kingofgoths #gofflife

Working MacBook and temporary internet fix. I feel like a king!



Ruh oh. It’s begun. #freckleseason #goffseatsouls

SUNSHINE @erinmcgfgt


Bottle of vape. This is so weird.

Only expander that fits since I shrunk down my ears. #kingofgoths #leopard #earstretch

Good day to spend an afternoon watching horror movies under the duvet :)

grizzlybender asked: Hey, wouldn't have skype would you? Add iainzo if you wish or iain johnstone - cumbernauld on facebook. Would be nice to talk more. P.s. love the hair.

I don’t have Skype sorry, and my Facebook account is set to private.

Hardware, aisle 12.

Too bored to stay in bed. Off for a walk #kingofgoths #sweatitout

Breakfast in bed <3